How can your idea reduce Switzerland’s FOODprint?

Food production is responsible for one-quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Those emissions happen along the whole food chain and each step can be improved by innovative solutions. Climate positive food production is a key enabler to ensure food security for a growing population while at the same time establishing rapid decarbonization.
With Clima Now Spotlight2023 we set the focus on Switzerland’s FOODprint – and we want to support your ideas on how to reduce it!

As young people are the ones with the most innovative ideas to make a community thrive, we dedicate this year’s contest to them.

This is why we are calling for young people aged between 18 – 35 years to shape a better tomorrow: 

What is your idea to impactfully design a climate positive FOODprint for Switzerland?

Application deadline: July 10, 2023 12:00 CEST

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As the food supply chain is multilayered, we have narrowed down the field and are looking for solutions in Switzerland focusing on one of the following areas:

Alternative protein sources to adequately secure food for a growing population

The production of animal-based proteins needs a vast amount of energy and can only feed a few. We need to flip this funnel: more output with less input – especially in view of a growing population. Alternative protein sources is one possible solution.

 Inspiring solutions might be a cheese, which is not produced from cow’s milk, insect-based solutions, meat replacements, beer brewers’ waste turned into protein.

Reduce Food waste to reduce CO2 emissions

We cannot afford to continue to lose 40% of our produced food between the producer and the consumer. Food waste has not only an impact on CO2 emissions, but also on biodiversity, land and water use.

Inspiring solutions: an online marketplace for misshaped food, sensors to predict which crate of tomatoes will rot along the way due to heat, the use of AI to generate longer shelf life or “veggie tinder” where you match with someone that can use your food.

Tech solutions to facilitate decision making at the consumer’s end

We need to alter our approach towards food and ensure that everyone has access to adequate nutrients. Change is hard and people are hesitant to leave known paths. Technology can help us adapt and create low-threshold incentives to get active and become part of the change-movement.

Inspiring solution: smart fridges that produce climate positive meal plans for you.

We are more than curious to know which of the topics above triggered your imagination.
Send us your idea by July 10, 2023, 12:00 CEST to help address one of these urgent issues by clicking on the link below.

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The Jury

Proven experts from the fields of science, impact, food technology and alternative proteins provide Clima Now with their knowledge. They review all submitted ideas and make a preliminary selection. At the Pitch Night, they provide valuable input and select the winning projects.

Anna Peters Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund

Anna Peters is an expert in the areas of sustainability, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and inclusive business, with a focus on food trade, retail/retail trade. Since 2014 project lead sustainability at Migros. In this position her main focus areas are climate and biodiversity. Co-author of numerous publications and articles.

Christine Brombach ZHAW and Ernährungsforum Zürich

Christine Brombach is a lecturer at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Wädenswil, CH. Studied Oecotrophology in Giessen and USA (MSc.), doctorate at the University of Giessen, project coordinator of the National Nutrition Study II at the Max Rubner Institute in Karlsruhe (D) for four years.

Flavio Hagenbuch Luya Foods

Flavio Hagenbuch, co-founder of Luya Foods, has a background in culinary arts and sustainability, having studied at the Institut Paul Bocuse and ETH Zurich. After working in management consulting and finance, Flavio decided to focus on building a sustainable food system. In 2021, he co-founded Luya Foods, which uses mushroom fermentation to create natural and succulent alternatives to meat from organic okra and chickpeas.

Freddy Hunziker New Roots AG

Freddy Hunziker, a former junior European champion in downhill mountain biking, became a vegan for ethical reasons but missed cheese. Combining traditional fermentation techniques with innovative, organic ingredients, he launched an award-winning alternative to Camembert in 2016. This led to the creation of New Roots, a fossil-free production start-up that now employs 27 people. Freddy won the Swiss Economic Award in 2019 and was on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2021.

Mauricio Benitez responsAbility Investments AG

Mauricio Benitez is developing new investment solutions related to climate financing, sustainable food, and natural capital. Currently working in a Climate Impact Fund to address key challenges in the global food system.  Mauricio is a Swiss-Bolivian economist with an MEcon degree from the University of the Western Cape and an MA in Development Management from the Ruhr University Bochum.

Michelle Grant The Great Full and ETHZ World Food System Center

Michelle Grant is the founder of The Great Full, a platform that fosters leadership towards just, generative and joyful food systems, communities and lives. Michelle was previously the founding Executive Director at the ETH Zurich World Food System Center, and she continues to lecture at ETH Zurich on sustainable food systems and leadership themes.

Franziska Heidenreich myclimate and Clima Now

Franziska Heidenreich was a member of the executive board of the myclimate foundation and head of carbon offset projects for more than 10 years and now builds programs for bilateral carbon offset for myclimate. Franziska holds a bachelor’s degree in international relations, a master’s degree in Environmental Science, and a postgraduate degree in Development Policy.

Martin Meili Clima Now

Martin Meili took part in the first Earth Day in 1970 as an exchange student in the USA and was already confronted with the problems of climate change and the “point of no return”. With his commitment to Clima Now, he wants to ensure that suitable solutions are finally promoted and appropriate measures are taken.

The Process

1. Submit idea

Ideas can be submitted via our application form until July 10, 2023, 12:00 CEST.

Describe yourself and your vision and fill out our Mission Model Canvas (Word | PDF). The document helps to capture important aspects of the project.

In order for us to present the idea on our website, you also have to upload pictures of yourself or your team and an introduction video of maximum two minutes. Afterwards, our jury will make a preliminary selection to determine which ideas will advance to the next round and be published on our «Wall of Fame» on the Clima Now Spotlight website.

2. Public Voting

Fame to whom fame is due. All ideas pre-selected by the jury will be posted on the Clima Now Spotlight website from September 1, 2023. On our «Wall of Fame» these ideas will get their own place and can be discussed, shared and rated by the public.

The Clima Now community votes publicly: all visitors to the website can cast three votes each until September 15, 2023. They decide which seven ideas will make it to Pitch Night. Fingers crossed!

3. Pitch Night

The seven winners of the public voting will present themselves live at the Pitch Night on October 26, 2023 at Kraftwerk Zurich. Who will convince the jury? All finalists have four minutes to present their idea in the spotlight.

In the subsequent evaluation by the jury, the projects will be chosen. Those who come through the final round with flying colors have already achieved a lot and will reap fame, funding and support. Are you in? The stage is yours!

Represented Companies within the Jury

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